Why I love a bad Google Review

A good, or even bad Google review for this Gold Coast photographer is welcoming. Why? When I first started back again in 2018, in my last attempt as a small business, I found out how important it was to have a Google review. I was new to this. Previously, my reviews were clients telling friends
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Am I too old for Boudoir Photos?

A common question in my studio is whether I am too old for Boudoir photos? The short answer is always – are you too old to feel good about yourself? Age is a number, how you feel about yourself, how comfortable you are in your skin, that is what matters. There are women in their
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Interest Free Payment Plans

Because we want you to be able to take home all the memories we’ve created for you. We have partnered up with Payright to offer you interest free payment plans. This is to allow our clients to have a more affordable option to pay items off over time. You can also apply for pre-approval to
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My clients travel from Tweed Heads, Brisbane and all across Queensland and NSW, to experience a session with me as their photographer, here in my studio. Find out a little more about me – the photographer, and what I can do for you. Here is a fun blog written and featured on Find A Photographer
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How you can use photography to help boost your child’s confidence As a parent, you want to do everything you can to help your child grow up confident and happy. One way you can do this is by encouraging them to express themselves creatively through photography. Photography can really allow kids to explore their creativity
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So, I have an ever-expanding wardrobe in my Gold Coast photography studio. I cull, but then it grows right back, sometimes it even doubles! Where do I find these eclectic, interesting and sometimes very intriguing outfits? Read on and find out my favourite places to find outfits for my photography studio wardrobe. 1 – Opportunity
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I get asked all the time what programs I use in my small business. So, here is my top 5 for essential software I use to keep my business running smoothly. 1 – Canva Who doesn’t love Canva!! It’s like having your own personal designing whiz on call 24/7. I make everything up in here,
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A single mother transformation, meet Nathalie, going from not taking care of herself. Not thinking she was ever beautiful, to a goddess with confidence! She is just one of the 40 women who participated in last year’s 40 Over Forty Project. And this is her story. My whole life, I have been told I’m not
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I thought I’d write this post on how to become a model. I seem to be unknowingly scouting people and turning them into models. So I wanted to write about it 🙂 This story in particular involves a beautiful soul called Livia. Livia was working as the receptionist at the IT shop I use, IT
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Top baby photo poses

If you’re looking for baby photo poses, you’ll want to consider classic poses as well as what’s trending in 2022. Professional photographers will often use a mix of both to create beautiful pieces of art that you can display in your home. Some classic top baby poses include: – Sitting up with support – Laying

Canvas Prints For Your Home

Did you know our Canvas prints have a 75 year guarantee from our amazing Australian printing company. To make it even better, we also have our own gold class guarantee on top of that! If your Canvas Print wall art becomes damaged, we will replace it. Our Gold Coast Photography Studio is called full service
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Best Portrait Photographers

This is a pretty presumptuous title, best portrait photographers. Am I one of them? I’m ok at it, and everyday I strive to be better than the last photo I took. I definitely strive to be a Herb, Annie or an Yousuf! I have been at this photography gig since I was a kid. At

How to pose for photos

Are you ready to learn how to pose for photos? Not a professional photo, just the snaps that are taken by others and then you end up cringing at the result. Tip #1- Turtle Neck! This sounds weird, and most people laugh at me when I say it to them, but it works!! To avoid
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My Top 5 Favourite Photos

I have been photographing people, places and things as a professional for well over 2 decades. Choosing my top 5 favourite photos was not going to be easy. This is just a snippet… Obviously, I have some stories to tell, some from crazy unpredictable wedding days, to kids/ animal sessions going very wayward. Instead of
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What is Boudoir Photography?

What is Boudoir Photography? According to Wikipedia, it’s this: “Boudoir photography is a photographic style featuring intimate, and sometimes erotic images of its subject. This can be in a photographic studio, bedroom or private dressing room environment, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and his or her romantic partners.” –  Wikipedia Forget
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Tips on how to take great photos of your kids at home Have you bought yourself a great digital camera to take photos at home? Not sure where to start? Want to take some really great photos of the kids in between professional ones? Here are a few good tips that will take your photos
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3 Great iPhone Camera Tips

Here are some great iphone camera tips for you, so you can create an awesome photo right from your phone. Tip #1 – Live Mode Taking photos of the kids/ grandkids/ dog, and always just missing the shot? Or they’re moving too fast to capture? Turn your phone onto “live photo”, then once you’ve taken
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A photoshoot saved her life!

Meet Sue Ellen, another exceptionally inspirational client of mine. Sue Ellen was in a very, very dark place for a long time. After a work injury had left her unable to work properly, and very sore. She was very depressed, did not feel worth anything. She wanted to hide from the world, and to be